Ecart Studio : Location Based Application Development
Currently, after a car accident, most customers will call the insurance company’s call center in order to report the incident. Sometimes, the customers are unable to give an accurate location so the surveyor may take longer time to reach the accident location. Besides this problem, many insurance companies also have limitations on their back office systems, which prevent them from giving good services to their customers as follows;
The Call Center does not know where the surveyors are, therefore, the Call Center cannot assign a case to the surveyor who is currently near the accident location.
The Call Center might assign a case to the occupied surveyor instead of the available one.
Call center takes a long time to get information from the customer about accident in order to pass it to a surveyor.
Surveyors may get lost when they go to see customers as they are not familiar with the area.
Surveyors have to spend some time to collect claim information and do the paperwork to submit the claim to the company.
can help you to manage and resolve these problems with ECART Insurance System for Motor Service.
The customers can report the car accident easier and faster. Moreover, this system can help your Insurance company manage back office tasks efficiently and effectively.
Currently, when the customers apply for fire insurance, most insurance companies have to manually search the fire block number for considering the insurance approval. Due to this traditional way, there are many limitations as the followings;

Take long time to search fire block number and sometime gets the incorrect fireblock number
Require only the specialized officer to search the fire block number
Lack of the effective system to collect and display customer’s data
Time-consuming approval procedure for each insurance case
can help you manage and resolve these problems with ECART Insurance System for Non-Motor Service
which enables your company to conveniently know the precise and correct fire block numbers of customer’s homes and companies in order to effectively do the risk management and consider the insurance approval.