Ecart Studio : Location Based Application Development
City Tourism
Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) in each province has promotion plan to promote tourist attractions in the province. However, problem regarding promotion is to find promotion channel that match people’s and tourists’ lifestyle to present information most suited to them.

Smart Province Management
Nowadays, location-based information technology is becoming increasingly important to assist in provincial management as it is able to resolve these below problems.

Lack of effective device or system to precisely collect location’s coordinates in the province such as schools, agricultural areas, hospitals, medical centers, and etc.
There is no device to clearly display the data’s distribution and visualization on the online map
Manual coordinates data collection is time-consuming and error-prone.
Lack of effective tool to analyze the correlation of various geographical data efficiently such as medical center distribution in each area or infrastructure improvement project.
can assist provincial management and resolve these limitations with the system using advanced location-based technology.