Ecart Studio : Location Based Application Development
Executive Decision Making
Nowadays, many government organizations have realized that the location-based information technology is becoming increasingly important to assist in organization management as it is able to resolve these below problems.

Lacks of effective device or system to precisely collect asset’s coordinates such as lands and offices all over the country
There is no device to clearly display the data’s distribution and visualization on the online map
Time-consuming for the surveying and collecting all property coordinates
High expense due to the work redundancy
Lacks of effective tool to analyze the data with coordinates. As data are recorded in Excel or MS word format, data analysis based on these records is very complicated to conduct.
can assist your organization to manage and resolve these limitations with the system using advanced location-based technology.
Centralize Command Management
As the good management of command center enables the top executive to efficiently and promptly resolve and prevent the natural disasters or emergency crisis, most organizations that are responsible for this are looking for the new technologies to help manage the command center and decrease some limitations as the followings;

Lacks of effective device to precisely collect crisis coordinates such as flooding areas, earthquake and fire locations
There is no system to clearly display the data on the online map or show in the format of war room
Still collect the crisis coordinates in the old format of MS Excel and MS Word, which is difficult to analyze the data.
Recorded data coordinates are incorrect.