Ecart Studio : Location Based Application Development
Branch Management
As the branch is the main service channel of most businesses, many businesses highly concern to manage the branch distribution by exploring the efficient system to assist in conducting the branch expansion strategy. Currently, without the management system, there are some limitations as the followings;
Member cards is high cost.
Information of each customer / each branch that may not be fully collected.
can assist your business to manage and resolve these limitations with the system using advanced location-based technology.
This system is able to help your business to manage the branch expansion effectively and efficiently.
ServCard Features
Change Background image by Location.
Supported Realtime Push update.
QR Code identify yourself.
Supported Both Text CRM.
Supported Icon links.
Auto Sync/ Restore Card to different device.
Benefits to Customers
Ready to use on a smartphone to increase user convenience.
Liking to multiple applications.
Providing QR code to identify user.
To Business
Effectively reduce developer’s cost of sales and marketing and saving the environment.
Improve the corporate image.
Ability to precisely collect all information across the country.
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